Our Team

Davo Gunning (Lead Pastor)

Davo and Megan have 3 wonderful daughters. Before entering pastoral ministry, Davo worked as an Outdoor Educator, which involved chucking kids of cliffs and telling them about Jesus (not necessarily in that order). Megan has a background in Occupational Therapy, but has taken some time out to focus on the family, at both church and home.

Damien Carson (Pastor)

Damien and Kelly Carson are South Aussies who love Jesus, and the city where He has given them the privilege of serving since 2008. They have three fantastic kids, Jarrod, Ethan and Harry. Damien graduated from Queensland Theological College and came to Adelaide to be the pastor at Para Hills Church, one of the first Creek Road Partner Churches. He found himself in the familiar position of being isolated, overstretched and under resourced in pastoral ministry. The Creek Road Partnership that began in 2014 provided the Carsons with the support they needed to stay the course in Adelaide.

Damien says, “Since then, crises that – except by a miracle – would have certainly finished us have been navigated with the mentoring and resources of Church2Church. Para Hills Church is now at the heart of the renewal project across the entire Presbyterian network in Adelaide. Instead of being an experience of grief and helplessness, God has given us the privilege of serving Jesus as He rebuilds & renews His church in Adelaide through the gospel.”

Ben Harvey (Pastor)

Ben and Bron have four energetic young boys. Ben joined the team in February 2018 after arriving back from South Africa where they served as missionaries working with HIV/AIDS orphans and local church ministries. Ben had a radically ordinary encounter with Jesus in his early 20’s that lead him to take up formal studies at SMBC. In his spare time Ben enjoys lifting heavy objects, hospitality and making coffee. Bron, is a qualified primary school teacher that has chosen to focus on being a full-time mum. Now as a family they live to make Jesus known through their local communities and to the ends of the earth.